construction monitoring services

pre-construction project analysis

  • review of design and construction contracts for conflicts which could delay construction
  • provide a comprehensive pre-financing / pre-construction report.
  • research of zoning, entitlements, permits and utility access agreements.
  • review of construction documents (performed by licensed architects, engineers and contractors) for completeness and ability to obtain permits.
  • review of professional licenses and references.
  • review of professional and property insurance.
  • review of construction schedule
  • provide a comprehensive pre-financing / pre-construction report with documentation.

site assessment

  • identification of site utility availability
  • flood and high hazard zone identification
  • access to site
  • aerial photography and documentation FAA certified through florida aeronautical reconnaissance technologies  
  • environmental assessment identification

peer reviews

  • peer review of construction documents (permit drawings) for completeness and identification of design deficiencies which could create excessive change orders or requests for information from design professionals delaying projects.
  • facilitation of communication between the owner, design professionals and contractor.  monitors have extensive experience/licenses in development, construction, engineering and architecture.  

interiors and ff&e

  • Appono can provide FF&E and interior design planning services.  

construction monitoring

Appono provides weekly or monthly on-site construction monitoring services for owners, lenders, bond holders or other stakeholders, independently and ethically.  All services include:

  • pre-construction analysis
  • site assessment
  • peer reviews (recommended - 100% of the projects which had peer reviews finished on-time and on-buget with Appono consulting.
  • weekly or monthly site visits with photo and report documentation.
  • monitoring and collection of lien releases.
  • review of pay applications for completeness against work-in-place.
  • attendance in monthly owner-architect-contractor meetings (weekly if a delay is experienced in a project).  
  • Site aerial and ground photography and video (provided by FAA certified pilots with flight planning). 
  • peer reviews (recommended - 100% of the projects which had peer reviews finished on-time and on-budget with Appono consulting.
  • hard and soft cost reviews with certification collection.
  • Monitoring of schedule with comparison against proposed schedules.
  • payment authorizations/facilitation through trustees or other processes as required by construction monitor and disbursement agreements. 

post construction | project closeout

  • collection of as-built drawings
  • close-out warranties and documents
  • tie-in and final surveys
  • certificates of occupancy / licensing
  • commissioning verification
  • punch list follow-up
  • post occupancy evaluations (at closing and one-year warranty periods)